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New Jersey Mosquito Control
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Winter to spring; summer to fall; summer puddles and humidity. It always seems like there’s an opportunity for mosquitoes to breed. While the bite of a mosquito alone isn’t necessarily more than an itchy, red nuisance, these pesky creatures can carry quite a number of diseases. Malaria, certain forms of encephalitis, dengue fever, and others can all be transmitted via a mosquito bite – and not just in tropical areas. Places like New Jersey are at just as much risk for mosquito-transmitted diseases as other areas.

There are, of course, things you can do to prevent being bitten. Avoid outdoor activity at dawn and dusk, wear long clothing that covers your arms and legs, use mosquito repellents, and light citronella candles when you are in the yard.

Those things may not be enough, though, if your yard has turned into a breeding ground. Whether it be from a rainy season or poor drainage around your home in general, treating the areas mosquitoes are drawn to is paramount. That’s where PennyGreen can help – in treating your hard to kill off your infestation and prevent it from reoccurring.

That in mind, you’ll also need to do a few things around the yard:

  • Tip all containers that can hold water – dog bowls, kiddie pools, unused garden pots, etc. Tip them and leave them up so they can’t refill or get rid of them completely.
  • Make sure any tarps are tied as tightly as possible – over fixtures or furniture – so that the water can roll off instead of sinking or accumulating.
  • Talk to your lawn care crew (that’s us) about water drainage so that water runs off instead of collecting.

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