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Paver Repair for South Jersey

Every time you pull up to your home you feel like something’s not quite right. Your home seems to blend in with the others in the neighborhood, not standing out for any reason. You often wonder what you could do to spruce things up, and we have the answer – paving stones.
Paving stones are a unique and affordable option for improving your home and increasing aesthetic appeal.  They come in a wide variety of shape and color designs that can be laid in a sand foundation to create anything from a patio or driveway to a courtyard, walkway, deck, or garden wall. Your opportunities are endless.
One of the main benefits of using paving stones is that they are not only aesthetic, but durable and strong as well. Paving stones, believe it or not, are actually stronger than concrete. They can withstand a large amount of everyday traffic and use and stand up incredibly well to the extreme shifts in temperature that come with NJ winters and summers.
Another benefit associated with choosing paving stones is the fact that they are water resistant. Water doesn’t absorb into the stones and is instead forced to drain into the sand-filled joints. The sand joints lock the stones in place, keeping them stable, while allowing for just enough flexibility to deal with the aforementioned expansion and contraction due to temperature changes.

Choosing a Paver Project

PennyGreen can help you with any paver project you can imagine. We’ve worked on quite a few, including poolside pavers, patio pavers, step pavers, walkway pavers, retaining walls, landscape construction, and even driveways. Make sure you check out our complete gallery to see examples of our work. If you can dream up the project, we can definitely help you take it from conception to reality.

Keeping Pavers Clean with PennyGreen’s Annual Paver Protection Program

There is one tiny drawback, and that’s the fact that weeds and plants like to grow in the cracks between paving stones. The good news is that we have an annual program that guarantees your landscape will look pristine throughout the entire spring and summer season. Our annual paver protection contract includes:

  • 1 Spring Cleaning (March/April) including cleaning, weeding, and sandlocking
  • Approximately 10 monthly checkups (March through December) including spot checking, spot weeding, and spot sandlocking if necessary
  • 1 Summer Cleaning (July/August/September) including complete cleaning, weeding, and sandlocking
  • Summer Sealing (optional, at an additional cost)
  • Full annual protection against loosening, sinking, shifting, splitting, and breakage)

This program guarantees the areas you have hardscaped with paving stones will look just as fantastic as the rest of your landscape. Call us today for a FREE inspection and estimate!


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